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The World Touring Car Championship headed to Moscow Raceway at the weekend with Tom finishing 14th and 16th in the respective races. 

Commenting after the race, Chilton said:

“After finishing on the podium for the last two years running at Moscow Raceway, I was extremely disappointed with our lack of pace this time round. We weren’t able to score any points other than in the WTCC trophy.

The 80kgs of success ballast really held us back this year. As Moscow Raceway is a slow speed circuit, it hurts a heavy car much more than a high speed circuit would.

The other manufacturers will have to gain more success ballast to get closer to our weight for our next race meeting at Vila Real, so I’m really looking forward to trying score some more much-needed points.”

The next round heads to Portugal on the 24th - 26th June.

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